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 Welcome to the Girl's Dormitory!

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Welcome to the Girl's Dormitory! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to the Girl's Dormitory!   Welcome to the Girl's Dormitory! Icon_minitime1Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:20 pm

This section is where the girl's dormitories are! Each dorms are practically the same, but you can customize the wall colors. You also have permission to put up wallpapers, pictures, etc. After all, its your dorm! if you're curious on how the dorms look like, here's a picture of it:
Welcome to the Girl's Dormitory! Simple-Girls-Dorm-Room-Design-Idea-for-Decorating Welcome to the Girl's Dormitory! 2-17_1%257E1
The pink room is on the right side, the purple is on the left(Again, you can customize the colors if wanted) Each dorm will have a beautiful view to the outside.
Discuss with your dorm-mate on which side you'll take or she'll take.
Thank you all for reading this.

-Tokyo I love you
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Welcome to the Girl's Dormitory!
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