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 Welcome to the Male's Dormitory!

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Welcome to the Male's Dormitory! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to the Male's Dormitory!   Welcome to the Male's Dormitory! Icon_minitime1Wed Mar 27, 2013 1:25 pm

This is the guys' dormitory, the dorm is just a giant house cut in half along with girls and guys. In the dorms, there are a lot open halls. On each floor there are many rooms and at the center of each hall is a kitchen. Cook as much as you want. Welcome to the Male's Dormitory! 4227187914

Every room has a magnificent view of the grounds outside. Each room also has 2 beds, one on each side. But in certain cases, it is possible to have a room with only one. Keep in mind that each dorm are practically identical, you can customize it to your likings, though.

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Right: Welcome to the Male's Dormitory! 2-16_1%257E1
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Welcome to the Male's Dormitory!
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