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Sakkaku Yume
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PostSubject: CONTEST SECTION RULES!   Thu Apr 11, 2013 7:24 pm

(piplups are amazing, ADMIT IT PEOPLE. )

Hey everyone! Here are the rules for the contest section. These are not the rules FOR the contests, these are the rules for creating a contest.

You cannot simply make a contest without permission of either admins. (Tokyo and Rena). If you want to contact them, contact them directly or via the moderators (Maribelle and Myself). If you fail to do this, you will get a warning and your post will be immediately deleted.

Before you submit a contest idea, you must ensure that:

1. The contest you are thinking of making does not match any other contest. For example, if there is already a drawing contest, you may not create your own. If you want to submit theme ideas and such, post it in the "suggestion" topic on the main page.

2. The contest must not be ridiculously hard. For example, simple things such as writing, drawing and video editing can be done. BUT. Things like creating MMD models or programming and such does not qualify, it is highly doubted that alot of members will have these skills, therefore it would be useless creating a contest on something so difficult.

3. You cannot enter your own contest, and you cannot make another person put in your own entry on their account. You are judging, you cannot judge yourself, and if you are caught doing this the contest will both be removed and you will get a warning.

4. You do not decide the amount of trinkets the contest will give. Depending on the difficulty of the contest, you will discuss with the admins what would be a suitable amount of trinkets as an award should be given.

5. Every entry counts. If an admin or mod gets messaged that a contest owner is indeed excluding an entry, then the contest owner will be warned. If this continues, the contest will be closed.

6. You can only make a contest once per month. If someone else wants to make a contest of the same category, you must allow them if it is within that month.

7. You can only use your own trinkets, unless the school is paying for it, in which you will have to ask the admins whether the school is or not.

8. You can use your own prizes, however. They must be suitable. Such as drawings, videos etc.

9. Your rules for the contest must be suitable and approved by the admin you have contacted.

10. All of the above should be stated in your contest idea. If this is not ensured, your message may not be taken into account.

Well, with that all sorted, Happy contesting!

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