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PostSubject: Currency--Trinkets   Currency--Trinkets Icon_minitime1Mon Mar 25, 2013 11:08 pm

For this role play forum, I created its own currency called Trinkets. This is how they look like Arrow Currency--Trinkets Curren10
They are basically silver bunnies. You earn them by participating in events and setting up a shop. How? Just create a new topic under the right your shop is best suited in. For example, if you're selling drawings, put it under "Arts&Crafts". There will also be contests, raffles, etc that gives out them out.
What's the point of them? Well, when you have enough Trinkets you can purchase many.. Things from the Shopping Centre. Each member will start off with 80. We will keep track of the member's Trinkets in the bank, which can be found in the Shopping Centre.
Every Sunday, every character will receive 5 Trinkets and each time they enter a event will earn them 10 Trinkets.
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