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 Creating a shop

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Creating a shop Empty
PostSubject: Creating a shop   Creating a shop Icon_minitime1Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:59 pm

(If you want to create a shop, simply create a post under a category that best suites your shop. For example, if you're creating a shop selling your drawings, make a forum under "Arts&Crafts".When creating a shop, please include examples of your work and a reasonable price. If you have any questions post a reply-ment under here. Also, if you have any corrections to make I will contact you through private messaging. Smile
Also, once a customer made a purchase, please notify the Bank moderator who is Sakkaku Yume and Maribelle. Same goes with refunds. Message him/her something like "33 Trinkets for (insert character name here) from (insert purchaser)" Annd, the subject should be "Trinket Transfer,"
Thank you for reading
-Rin Creating a shop 1572284941 )
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Creating a shop
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